Nanommune Inc. develops and sells cutting-edge research and diagnostic tools for the biomedical community.

About Nanommune Inc.

Nanommune Inc. is a biomedical company focused on the development of cutting-edge research tools for the biomedical community. Our high-throughput proteomic antigen-specific microarray platform has revolutionized vaccine research by drastically reducing the discovery times of target vaccine antigens. Our pathogen-specific microarrays can be deployed rapidly and serve as a much needed-tool for vaccine research in the fight against emerging infectious diseases. Our products cover a wide range of research areas including flow cytometry, pathogen-specific proteomics, cell-free protein synthesis, mass cytometry, antibody development, and In vitro and in vivo functional assays.

The efficacy of a vaccine depends in part on the inflammatory response elicited by the adjuvant with which the vaccine is administered. A measured adjuvant-induced inflammatory response is essential to mitigate undesired adjuvant toxicity in vaccines. To this end, we are dedicated to developing novel highly efficacious adjuvants that exhibit limited negative side effects. 

Our mission is to serve as the vanguard in the fight against emerging infectious diseases by providing researchers with enabling innovative tools that foster and nurture biomedical research.